Send Email to Saved Colleague List

You can send email to a large group of people from Colleague.  It also allows you to send messages on behalf of another address.  This is not the easiest method for sending everyday emails, but may be helpful when sending to a list of ID numbers (either from Colleague or an Excel spreadsheet).  Please note that you will need access to the SLED screen in Colleague to complete this task.

Please note that some saved lists are already created.  If you are using a list that is already created, you can skip the steps for creating a new list and can go directly to the Send Message section.

Create Saved List

  1. Open Colleauge
  2. Open the Form SLED, or if that doesn't work CORE-SLED
  3. To create a new list, type in a list name of your choosing.  The name needs to begin with your initials and be in all capital letters with no spaces.  You may use periods in place of spaces for ease of reading. ex: BLW.NEW.STUDENTS
  4. Select OK to create the list


Click Add to create the list.

Add Saved List data

Select the icon to drill in to the contents

Add Data and Save

  1. Copy and paste the ID numbers of the people who you would like to send the message to into the Contents box.  Make sure you delete any blank lines at the end.
  2. Press Save

Save List

Press Save to save the list for use.

Send Message

  1. Open myOC
  2. Select Services
  3. Find the Send Email from Saved List Report
  4. Click on it to launch it.

Test Message

  1. In order to test the message before it goes out, leave the list name blank.
  2. Enter the email address the message should come from
  3. Enter an email address that replies will go to.  You may leave this field blank, if so the replies will go to the From email.
  4. Enter a Notify email address.  This is the addres will receive a notification when all emails have been sent with some additional statistics.  You may leave this field blank, if so the notifications will go to the From email
  5. Enter a subject for your email.  This field is required.
  6. Enter a CMC code to update, if desired
  7. Enter CMC Text, if desired
  8. Choose which email address to send to.
    1. OC Address
    2. Recruiter address (address used on OC Admissions application)
    3. Send to Parents (might be more than one email address)
  9. Enter the text of the email.  Text can be straight text or HTML.  You may want to create the message in a different program (Word, Notepad, etc.) so you can edit it and paste it back.
  10. If you would like to use a source file and you need help, please contact Support Central.
  11. Press Submit

Go Back

  1. You will get a confirmation that the test message was sent.
  2. Check the test message to ensure it looks correct.
  3. Press the Back button on your web browser to return to the editing screen to edit the message and send another test or to send the message out to the list.

Send Completed Message

  1. Once you are satisfied with the message, add your List Name.  If you created a new list, use the List Name you created.
  2. Double-check your settings
  3. Press Submit.
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