Moving Your Computer While It Is Turned On

Is it alright to move my computer while it is running or should I shut it down first?


Moving your computer around while it is turned on can have serious negative effects on your hard drive, such as corruption of data or a complete hard drive crash.

Before you move your computer, we suggest putting it into one of the following modes:

  • Shutdown
  • Sleep
  • Hibernate

Click the following link to learn the difference between the various shutdown options. Any of these three modes will turn off your hard drive and help protect it from being damaged while the computer is being relocated.



Sleep Indicator Light

There is a light on the right of your mac laptop that indicates sleep mode. By default, whenever you shut the lid on your MacBook, the MacBook goes into sleep mode.  As soon as the indicator light begins to pulse it has finished going into sleep mode and is safe to move.




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