Clean a Laptop Screen

Please feel free to bring your laptop to the Support Central; one of our technicians will be happy to thoroughly clean your laptop – including cleaning the screen and blowing out the keyboard (using compressed air).

To clean your own screen, refer to the information below:


Wipe your screen gently with a dry, soft cloth. If anything remains, moisten the cloth with LCD cleaner and wipe it again.

  • A 50-50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water or water may be used to moisten your cloth. Gently wipe the LCD with a dry, lint-free, soft cloth. Anti-static LCD cleaning cloths and Kim Wipes are also acceptable alternatives.

(Be sure to dry the LCD before closing your laptop. The TFT LCD screen is a delicate device that requires careful handling.)

Tips and Warnings

  • To keep the LCD from being damaged keep these precautions in mind: Do not place ANYTHING heavy on your laptop. Do not scratch, twist or hit the surface of the LCD screen. Use a soft, lint-free moistened non-alkaline detergent cloth to wipe the exterior of the laptop.
  • Never spray or pour any liquid directly on the LCD panel!

Contact Support Central

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