Removing a Computer Virus for Students and Adjuncts

A virus is an unwanted program that is malicious or interferes with your computers normal operation. Characteristics of a virus are pop-ups on the desktop/internet browser, internet browsers being redirected, and a slow computer. Often viruses will pretend to be programs that make your computer faster (such as "PC Optimizer Pro" and "RegClean Pro"), and instead slow your computer down. There are also viruses that pretend to be security programs, such as "Windows 7 Total Security" and "PC Security". All software mentioned does have a free end-user non-commercial license.

Available Software Options

OC does not offer its own virus removal software, however, if your computer already has a virus, we recommend you visit one of the websites listed below. You can download their software, and then run it on your computer. For any questions related to this software, please contact the software company. OC does not have a contract with either site listed and would be unable to provide proper assistance on certain issues.

While OC does not have a contract with these companies, Support Central is still licensed to work on Dell and Apple laptops. Any information the software provides for your computer can be worked with at Support Central, just not issues regarding the software itself. 

Contact Support Central

If you don't feel comfortable doing this on your own or if you have any questions, please contact Support Central.

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