Maximizing Your Laptop's Battery Life

What are some ways to maximize the battery life of my Macbook?


One key to using your laptop is always having sufficient battery power. Here are some ways to keep your battery lasting longer:

Use Stand-by/Sleep Mode Or Hibernation

Putting your computer in sleep or hibernation mode can save your battery.

See this answer for an explanation how to and the differences between Sleep and Hibernation.

Dim the screen

This will help save battery power while you're using the laptop unplugged.  On the Macs, simply use the F1 key to dim the screen. While on battery, the power settings are designed to dim automatically, and blank the screen after a predetermined amount of inactivity. If the screen goes blank and the machine is still on, moving the mouse will bring power the screen back to normal.

Power Settings

Both Windows and Mac OS X have built-in Presets for power saving.  Simply press the battery icon (Top right in Mac OS X, Bottom Right in Vista) and then choose the preselected low-power option.

Power settings- Mac

Power settings- Mac

For more specific control over your laptop's power setting, go the Energy Saver preferences.

This can be found under system preferences.

From there, you can select how soon your computer automatically goes to sleep, dims your screen, and other options.

Power settings- Windows

Power settings- Windows

You can also set more specific power settings in windows.  To do this, go to your control panel and type in "Power." There are a variety of power options available.

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