Use VPN Access - Windows 7

You can access the OC network from off campus through a VPN connection. This page provides instructions for using your VPN connection. If you have not set up a VPN connection, please see our instructions about VPN Connection in Windows 7.

Find Your VPN Connection to OC

Find Your VPN Connection to OC
  1. Click on the network icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen to reveal a menu.
  2. Click on VPN to OC to reveal the Connect button.
  3. Click Connect

Enter OC Login Information

Enter OC Login Information
  1. Enter your OC username.
  2. Enter your OC password.
  3. Make sure the Domain box says OC
  4. Click Connect



To check the status of your connection:

  1. Click the network icon again.
  2. You should see Connected next to VPN to OC.

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