Access Network Share from the Desktop - Windows 7

Your user network share allows you to store your work on OC's servers. This is beneficial, because our servers automatically backup versions of your documents periodically.  

Following are instructions for setting up your student network share on Mac.

This function is only available for certain users. If you do not have access and believe you should have access to this program, please contact Support Central.


  • Click Next

Choose a Custom Network Location

  1. Click Choose a custom network location
  2. Click Next

Enter Network Address

  1. Enter \\\users\ (where is your OC username)
  2. Click Next

Name the Connection

  1. Name the Connection or leave it as the default (
  2. Click Next

Finish Network Wizard

  1. If you would like your network share folder to open when you finish, make sure this box is checked.
  2. Click FInish

A shortcut will be created on your desktop to access your network share folder.


You have successfully created a shortcut on your desktop to your network share folder.

Contact Support Central

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