Connect to a Student Network Share

How do I connect to my Student Network Share?


Your student network share allows you to store your school work on our servers. This is beneficial, because our servers automatically backup version of your documents periodically. Also, when you're working on that research paper that is due the next day at three in the morning , and your hard drive crashes, you will still have access to your paper! Click the following link for more information on your network storage space.

Following are instructions for setting up your student network share, first in windows, and then on the mac.

Creating a Network Location in the Windows Explorer, Computer window

In Windows Vista and Windows 7,

go to the Windows button, then Computer.

In the white space, right click and go to Add Network Location.

This will bring up a Wizard. Click the "Next" button on the first screen.

At the next screen, press "Choose a custom network location", then click the "Next" button.

In the next page in the "network address:" field simply type in "\\\students\FirstName.LastName".

At the next screen, type a name for the connection or just leave the default name. Click the "Next" button, then confirm everything is correct on the page.

Once you click "finish", it's done and a window should popup with the network location and its contents.

For instructions on Connecting to a Network Share in Windows.

Student Folder Share Information

Server Name:

Share Name: students

Your Folder Name: firstname.lastname

Faculty Staff Share Information

Server Name:

Share Name: users

Your Folder Name: firstname.lastname

Connect to server in Mac

Please use the above server information to connect to the server in the mac OS. Please visit our answer on connecting to a server in the mac OS for more specific instructions.

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