How to publish from iWeb

How do I publish my iWeb website to my student webpage?


iWeb is an application from the iLife application suite that allows you to easily build webpages.  Using OC's student web site storage space, OC can host your website.  Following are instructions for uploading your website from iWeb onto OC's web server.

Connect to VPN

First, you will need to VPN if you are off campus.  Please visit our answer on connecting to VPN in the Mac OS.

Connect to the server

Next, you will need to connect to OC's server.  Please use this server information.

Server Name:  

Share Name:              pages

Your Folder Name:   firstname.lastname

Please use our answer for connecting to a server in the mac OS if you need any more information.

Open your website

Open your website

Next, open up iWeb, and navigate to your website.  Click the folder where it says "Site."

Publishing information

Publishing information
  • Where it says 'Publish to:' to "Local Folder". Fill out the information, and
  • Where it says Folder Location, in the Location box type "/Volumes/"
  • Type "" (first.last being your OC login) where it ask at the bottom to Enter a URL for your site.

Publish the website

Publish the website

Once your settings are done, you can Publish the site from the menu bar at the bottom.

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