Create your own student web page

I am a student and I would like to create a personal web page:

-for a class, or

-just for fun!

How can I do this?

Request a Student Web Page

Request a Student Web Page

1.  Visit

2.  Select Sign Up

3.  Select "Click Here."

4.  When prompted, enter your network username and password.

5.  Accept the User Agreement.

6.  You will receive an email within one business day informing you that your web space has been created.

How do I upload my webpage? - Windows

Click on Start, type in the Start Search box, \\\pages\firstname.lastname. For example, for john.doe it would be \\\pages\john.doe.

How do I upload my webpage? - Mac

Please visit our answer on publishing from iWeb.

If you are not using iWeb, please use this server information.

Server Name:  

Share Name:              pages

Your Folder Name:   firstname.lastname

Please use our answer for connecting to a server in the mac OS if you need any more information.


Viewing your webpage

To actually view your saved web pages, go to


More information

So you have your space, how do you actually create a web page? You can use a any web page editor, Microsoft Word, or even Notepad (if you know how to write all the HTML codes). The easiest way is to use iWeb in the Mac OS. It comes pre-installed on your OC-issued laptop. On the Windows side you can use Microsoft Publisher which is in Office 2010 on your OC-issued laptop.

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