Finding your IP Address

Your IP Address is the temporary, unique number assigned to your computer when you are on the network. There are several ways to find it:


  1. Select the Airport icon from the menu bar
  2. Select "Open Network Preferences".
  1. If your wireless connection is connected properly, you will see your wireless IP address.
  1. To see you Ethernet IP address click on "Ethernet"
  2. Your IP address will be indicated on the right.


  1. To find your IP Address in Windows, press the Start/Command and "R" keys together. In the box that opens, type "cmd"
  2. Press "OK".
  1. In the prompt that opens, type "ipconfig" followed by the enter key.
  2. The boxed portion is your IP Address. If you are giving this information to Support Central, you may copy all the text by right clicking on it, and send it to us.

If you are looking for the MAC address of your computer, that information can be found here:

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