Change Your OC Network Password - Mac

This answer shows how to change your network password if you have to use OC credentials to log into your computer (mostly faculty and staff).

You cannot change your computer log-in password while you are off-campus.  If you change your OC network password via from the Password Change Page while you are off-campus, it will work for your web-based authentication (e.g. webmail, blackboard, or MyOC), but your computer login password for both Mac and Windows will remain the same until you are on campus again.

Open Password Settings

Open System Preferences and go to Users and Groups
  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click on Users and Groups

Change Password

Change Password
  • Click Change Password...

Select New Password

Select New Password
  1. Enter your old password.
  2. Choose a new password.
  3. Verify your password by retyping the new password
  4. (Optional) Create password hint if you would like
  5. Click Change Password.

Please note the OC Password Requirements

If you have forgotten your password, please visit our answer for a forgotten password.


Mac OS remembers some of your passwords in a keychain. If you would like to update or delete your keychain, please see one of our answers below.

  • Update Keychain Password
  • Delete Keychain Password


You have successfully updated your Mac network password.

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