OneNote - Overview

What is OneNote, and what does it do?

The Microsoft website says OneNote enables you to capture, organize, and reuse your notes electronically on laptop computers, desktop computers, or Tablet PCs. OneNote gives you one place for all your notes, and the freedom to organize them the way you want. It also helps you capture information in multiple ways and then organize and reuse that information according to your needs, helping you work with your notes and information more productively.

How is Microsoft OneNote different from Microsoft Word?

OneNote has many of the same basic features that Word has. (i.e. Spell check, auto formatting, highlighting, and user drawn graphics.) The major difference is that Word is geared toward creating documents, and OneNote is ideal for taking notes. The “documents” in OneNote are organized like pages in a three subject notebook without the limitation of size and space. New sections can be created. New pages can be added to sections. Pages grow with the amount of notes that are taken.

Another really neat feature is freehand drawing with the pen tool. Now you can also sketch graphs or draw pictures to go with your notes.

 One of the best features is the ability to click anywhere on the page and start typing. Essentially what happens is a text box is created and then as you type the text box grows to fit the size of the text in it. If you decide to organize your notes differently, all you have to do is drag the text box to a different location.

This is a basic rundown of the features included in Microsoft OneNote.

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