Office 2011 on Mac - Install from Server

  • Because Office 2011 is such a large program, it is recommended that you connect to the network using a wired Ethernet connection and disable your wireless connection before beginning this process in order to reduce the installation time.
  • Please note that you must be on campus in order to install this program.
  • You do not have to uninstall Office 2008 before installing Office 2011.

Connect to the Server

Connect to OC's software server to download the software package.

  1. From Finder, press Command-K on your keyboard to open the Connect to Server dialogue box.
  2. In the server address bar type:smb://
  3. Click Connect


  • Make sure the Registered User circle is checked.
  • Enter your OC Username
  • Enter your OC password
  • Click Connect

Download the 2011 ISO

  1. Click 2011Mac
  2. Double-click Office2011Mac.ISO

Open the Office Installer

  • Double-click the Office Installer file folder.


Click Continue

Agree to the Terms

  1. Click Continue
  2. Click Agree

Installation Type

Click Install

Enter Computer Admin Information

  1. Enter your computer username
  2. Enter your computer password
  3. Click Install Software


This may take several minutes.


  • You have successfully installed Office 2011 for Mac.
  • Click Close

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