Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

Explanation of Internet Explorer 9


IE9 has a very minimalistic look. When you open it for the first time you will notice many of the usual tool bars are not visible. Don’t worry. You can access them and even put them back if you want to.

In the top left hand corner of the window there are three icons. The Home, Favorites and Tools buttons.




If you prefer the IE8 Tools menu of the Command bar, right click in the empty space on the header and select Command bar. This is where you can also show the Menu, Favorites and Status bars. You can also choose to “Show tabs on a separate row”.


1. Pinned Sites You can pin web pages that you visited regularly to the Windows 7 taskbar so that you can access them quickly. The websites can be pinned by dragging the icon present on the left side of the web address to the taskbar.

2. Download Manager The version 9 also includes the download manager which was not present in the version 8. A list of the files that are being downloaded is kept in the manager and it also allows you to pause and restart a file that you are downloading.

3. Tab page For quicker navigation, the sites that you visit regularly are displayed on the New Tab page and a color code is assigned to each website.

4. Address Bar Search The address bar also acts as a search tab. You will be navigated directly to the webpage if you have entered the full address but if you have entered an incomplete address or a search term then your current search engine will search for it.

5. Enhanced tabs This allows you to look at two tabbed pages on two windows and to view side by side. Tear-off tabs allow you to drag a tab out of Internet Explorer to open the tab’s webpage in a new window, and Snap it for side-by-side viewing.

6. Notification Bar Instead of pop ups, notifications appear in the Notification Bar at the bottom of the browser frame. More to this the messages will be more informative, easy to understand and easy to act on.

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