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We have a new client for viewing video from our security camera system.  Ocularis is a client replacement for NetGuard and will allow you to perform all of the current functions of NetGuard in a more modern interface.  In addition Ocularis supports additional features which will be implemented over time.

Below are the instructions for installing or upgrading the Ocularis client.

This program is only available for certain users due to licensing agreements. If you do not have access and believe you should have access to this program, please contact Support Central.

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Locate Ocularis Software

Step 1
  1. Navigate to in your web browser.  
  2. Click Basic System

Choose Install Client

Step 2
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Ocularis Client
  2. Click Yes to continue

Select Install Type

Step 3
  • Unless you have had Ocularis installed previously, choose New.  
  • If your browser displays a message about allowing popups from, please allow them.

Save Ocularis

Step 4
  • If the web browser displays a message asking to either save or run the file, select Save

Run Ocularis

Step 5
  • Once the file has downloaded, click Run if your browser has that option.  
  • Otherwise, browse to the location where the file was saved and then double-click it to begin the install.

Allow Changes

Step 6
  • If you received a User Account Control message, click Yes
Remove Old Version
Step 7
  • If a previous version of Ocularis is installed, you will receive the message above.  Click Yes to remove the older version and install this current version.
  • If you do not receive this message, skip ahead to Ocularis Compatibility Test.

Confirm Removal

Step 7a
  • Click Yes to remove the old Ocularis version and install the new version.

Keep Old Preferences

Step 7b
  • Click Yes to keep the Ocularis preferences from the previous version.

Step 7c

Step 7c

Click OK when the removal of the previous Ocularis version is complete.

Ocularis Compatibility Test

Step 8
  • If you receive a message about the Ocularis Compatibility Test, click Yes

Start the Setup Wizard

Step 9
  • Click Next

Accept the License Agreement

Step 10
  1. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement
  2. Click Next

Confirm Download Destination

Step 11
  • Click Next

Choose Language

Step 12
  1. Select the preferred language
  2. Click Next

Install Program

Step 13
  • Click Next  

Please wait while Ocularis is installed. This may take several minutes.

Setup Wizard Complete

Step 14
  • Click Finish

Open Ocularis

Step 15
  • Double click the Ocularis Client icon on the desktop to open the program.  
  • If the icon is not on the desktop, it can be found on the Start Menu under OnSSI -> Ocularis Client.

Log In

Step 16
  • Select Current Windows User. This will log you in to the security camera system using the same username and password that is logged into Windows.
  • Enter cctvmgr for the server name
  • Click Login


Step 17
  • When you hover your mouse over the upper left side of the menu bar, the menu options will appear.  
  • Click on Views to see the different views which are available to you.  
  • While viewing a camera, click on Browse to view the recorded view from that camera.

Help Center

Step 18
  • Once you are logged in, the book icon with the question mark is a link to the pdf documentation on the Ocularis client.  This document should help answer any questions you might have with using the Ocularis client.
  • The icon just to the left of the help icon will prompt to either log out of the client or to close the application.  The icon to the right of the help icon will minimize Ocularis.


You have successfully downloaded and installed Ocularis.

Contact Support Central

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    Under step 18, the authentication should be Windows.

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