Synoptix Client Installation Procedures - Windows

These instructions describe how to install the Synoptix client on a user workstation and configure it to pull data from the Financial Data Mart.

Connect to the Network

Connect to the Network

1. Select the Start menu.

2. Type in \\software\dist\compusoft

3. Double click on the Synoptix folder.

4. Open the 7 folder

5. Select Windows

6. Double click on the ellucian_syn_install64 application.

7. Select Yes if the "User Account Control" dialogue appears.

8. Allow a few minutes for the program to install.

Install the Program

Install the Program

9. Select Next.

10. Select Next.

11. Select In a new Program Group and then select Next.

12. Select Install.

13. Allow a few minutes for the installer to load.

14. Select Done.

Running the Program for the first time

Running the Program for the first time

15. From the Start menu, select the Synoptix program.

16. Select Next.

17. In the Name field, enter Your Name.

18. In the Company field, enter Oklahoma Christian University.

19. In the Address field, enter the address for the school: PO Box 11000, Oklahoma City, OK 73136

20. Click Next.

21. Select Next.

22. Go to \\software\dist\Compusoft\Synoptix

23. Double click on the InstallationInformation text document.

24. Enter the information given in the text document in the specified blanks.

25. Select Next.


26. Select OK.

27. Select Finish.

28. Select OK and restart Synoptix.


First Time Logging In

29. When you open Synoptix back up, you will be prompted with a login screen. Use the username and password that was assigned to you. This will not be the same as your network login information.

Run Updates

Run Updates

30. You will be prompted that some configuration files need to be modified. Select OK.

31. Select Yes to allow the program to make changes to the computer.

32. Select OK.

Change the Memory Allocations

Change the Memory Allocations

33. Select Admin

34. Change the 199 to 550 for the "Maximum memory used by Synoptix for Datatel."

35. Select OK.

36. Select OK.

37. Select Yes

38. Select OK.

39. Close Out of Synoptix

Synoptix is ready to use.

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