Change Default Settings on Installed Print Driver - Mac

You can change your preset settings in most programs to automatically print grayscale to color printers so you won't be charged for a color print. Follow the instructions below.

Change Settings Manually (Optional)

Open Print Box

Open Print Box
  1. Open the document you would like to print.
  2. Select File
  3. Select Print from the drop-down menu.


Copies & Pages

Open the "Copies & Pages" Drop-down Menu

Click on Copies & Pages to reveal the dropdown menu.

Color Options

Select "Color Options" from the Menu

Select Color Options

Configure Default Settings

Open the "Default Settings" Drop-down Menu

Select Default Settings to reveal the dropdown menu.

Save Current Settings

Select "Save Current Settings as Preset..."

Select Save Current Settings as Preset...

If you would like, you can alter other settings before saving this preset such as printing single or double sided or collated, etc.

Name the Printer Setting

Name the Printer Setting
  1. Type in a new name for your printer settings.
  2. Choose Only this printer if you would like these settings to apply to only this specific printer or All printers if you would like these settings to apply to every printer.
  3. Select OK


  • These presets should be saved for ALL programs that you will need to print to on OC's domain.
  • To print in color, repeat the steps above and uncheck the Print in Grayscale box, and select Print. This will allow your document to print in color, but keep the grayscale settings as default.

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