Change Default Settings on Installed Print Driver - Windows 7

You can change your preset settings in most programs to automatically print grayscale to color printers so you won't be charged for a color print. Follow the instructions below.

Change Settings Manually (Optional)

Open Devices and Printers

Option 2 - Change settings manually
  1. Select the Start menu
  2. Select Devices and Printers

Choose Printer to Configure

Right click on the printer you would like to apply the gray-scale settings to.

Printer Preferences

Select Printing preferences


Select the Color tab at the top of the screen

  1. Check the box next to Print in Grayscale
  2. Click Apply to make the changes
  3. Click OK to close the preferences box

Repeat for any other color printers you would like the settings to apply to.


  • These presets should be saved for ALL programs that you will need to print to on OC's domain.
  • To print in color, repeat the steps above and uncheck the Print in Grayscale box, and select Print. This will allow your document to print in color, but keep the grayscale settings as default.

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