Making Black/White Settings Standard on Windows for Employees

Follow the directions below to make black & white print settings standard for the Windows side to avoid paying color costs on color printers on campus.

Option 1 - Reinstall Printers

The print drivers have been updated to default to black & white. You can reinstall the printer to take advantage of those settings. You can find instructions for reinstalling here:

Option 2 - Change settings manually

Option 2 - Change settings manually

1. Select the Start menu

2. Select Devices and Printers

3. Right click your the printer you would like to apply the gray-scale settings to

4. Select Printing preferences

5. Select the Color tab at the top of the screen

6. Check the box next to Print in Grayscale

7. Select OK at the bottom of the page for your changes to be applied.

Repeat for any other color printers you would like the settings to apply to.


To Be Able to Print in Color

Repeat the steps above to uncheck the Print in Grayscale box.

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