Student Printing Overview

Oklahoma Christian uses a mobile card-release printing system.  The information below provides an overview of the system.

Getting Started

Obtaining the New ID Card (a "Proxcard")

Obtaining the New ID Card (a "Proxcard")

Before you can begin using the printing system, you must have an "OC is Home" ID card. This ID card – or "ProxCard" – has a Proximity Chip inside that allows you to release your print jobs at printers and copiers around campus. You can get a card at Support Central. 


Installing New Print Drivers and Web Printing

You can print with the new web print option or you download new printing drivers:


Releasing Print Jobs

Releasing Print Jobs

When you print your job, you will either select the "B&W" driver or the "Color" driver.  For students, printers are more common than copiers on campus.  Copiers for students are available on the first floor of the library, the 3rd floor of the library, and in the Nowlin Center.  All other public devices are printers.





For details about costs related to printing and copying, visit this page about the OC printing policy.



What to Expect

  • Once you send your job it will stay in the queue for 48 hours.  
  • You can pick up your print job at any available copier or printer.
  • If the printer or copier is not ready (asleep, out of paper, out of toner, etc.) you will not be able to release your job.
  • On copiers you can select the document(s) you'd like to print, but on printers all available jobs will print after you swipe your card.
  • All printers and copiers on campus have new default settings.  You can change these settings in the program from which you are printing .


Mobile Printing Apps

There is an app available for iDevices that will allow you to release your documents from the print queue without the use of your "proxcard."

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