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There are multiple ways to release documents at copiers. Read below for the different ways you can release your documents to be printed at a copy machine on campus.

If your files do not show up in your print queue, see our instructions for Troubleshooting Printing Problems.

Log In

  1. Notice the log in screen
  2. Wave your student ID at the scanner

Alternatively you can tap the login button in the bottom left corner and type in your credentials.

Home Screen

You will be taken to the home screen of the copier.

If you would like to copy:

  1. Proceed as usual - put the document either in the tray on top, or on the glass and select the number of copies you would like. (not shown)
  2. Type the number of copies you would like.
  3. Make additional configurations by using the touch screen.
  4. Press the green start button

If you would like to print:

5.    Select the arrow at the top right-hand corner of the screen to view the documents in your print queue.

Logout When You're Finished

Be sure that you log out when you are done every time! You can do this by either selecting the button on the keypad to the right of the touch screen, or the log out button on the screen.


You have successfully released a print job at the copier.

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