Sending a Document to Your Print Queue on Mac

Follow the instructions below to send your document to your print queue:


Print Document

Print Document
  1. In the program that you are wanting to print from, select File.
  2. Select Print

Select OC Printer

Select OC Printer
  1. Select the printer called B&W or Color based on whether you want the document to print in black and white or color.
  2. Select Print

(If you do no see B&W or Color CLICK HERE for instructions on how to download the print drivers.)

You will be able to pick up your document from any copier or printer by touching your ProxCard to the reader, or releasing your document from the queue from a mobile device.

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to release your print document from a mobile device.

More Info

  • For instructions on how to release a document to print from the Windows side, CLICK HERE.
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