Laptops, accounts and telephones for Staff and Faculty

I need to request an IT Services support and resources for a new employee. What do I need to do?


Each new OC employee needs a “Technology Request Form for New Employees” filled out in order to receive any or all of the following technology services:

• OC Network Account

• Laptop Assignment

• Phone Number assignment / Voice Mail Setup

The form can be found under the Human Resources section of “My Services” accessed via “”

Due to a limited laptop inventory and the time required to complete these requests we would ask that you complete this form as early as possible but at least 2 business days prior to the employee’s arrival on campus.

The network account and asset assignment systems are tied to a “Datatel” ID number. To help expedite this process you must obtain that number from HR and provide it on this form to complete the technology request.

Note: Adjunct Faculty will be assigned a laptop on a "per term" basis. At the end of each term, the Dean will be contacted to verify that they will be teaching the next term. If they are committed to teach the following term, no further action will be required. If the adjunct will not continue to teach the next term, it will be required that the laptop be returned within 2 weeks following the end of the current term.

For Adjunct or Full-time Faculty, requests should be made by the College Dean or Department Chair and are approved by the VP, Academic Affairs.

For Staff, requests should be made by the Supervisor and are approved by the VP, Human Resources.

Once approved, a ticket with Support Central (Help Desk) is automatically opened so IT Services can start fulfilling your requests.

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