How to Use Your ShoreTel Voicemail

The following are instructions on how to do various tasks in your ShoreTel Voice Mail system.

How to Log Into the Main Menu

To log into the main voice mail menu:

1. Press the Voice Mail button

2. Dial your password

3. Press #

(If you have not set up your voicemail yet, the default password is 3456)

How to Log Into Your Voice Mail From An External Phone

1. Dial 405-425-5600

2. Press #

3. Enter your extension number

4. Enter your password

5. Press #

The following menu options are available. Dial:

1 to Listen to and interacting with New Messages

2 to Send Messages from your VoiceMail

3 to Listen to Saved Message

7 for Other Mailbox Options

For More Voice Mail Box Options Click Here

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