What are the Call Handling Modes on my ShoreTel phone

You can set one of five distinct call handling modes for your extension, including "Do Not Disturb" options to forward incoming calls or send them to voice mail. You can record personal greetings, which are linked to the active call handling mode.

By default, your phone is set to Standard mode, which allows you to answer all incoming calls. Other mode options include In a Meeting, Out of Office, Extended Absence, and Custom.

You can use the "Options" button to select the desired mode by doing the following:

You can use the "Options" button to select the desired mode by doing the following:

1. Press the Options button, followed by your password and then #

2. Verify that the 1. Call Hndlg is highlighted and then press the Edit soft key.

3. Select the desired call handling mode and press the Edit soft key.

4. Enter the desired number and press the OK soft key.


- You can use the Personal Call Manager or Web Access to customize the modes with different call forwarding destinations and personal greetings

- You can "one-touch" toggle between Standard and In a Meeting by using the Mode soft key (located on the phone display) without having to log in under the Options button.

Further Instructions

For more details and instructions about Call Handling Modes and other Shoretel features, please view their training site:

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    Jessica Estes

    Is there another page that details what each of the modes is/how it works? 

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