ShoreTel Voice Mailbox Options

These are the various functions available in your ShoreTel Voice Mailbox. You can get to these options by pressing 7 in the Main Menu of your VoiceMail.

Press 1 To Record a Personal Greeting

When you record a personal greeting, it is linked to the current call handling mode you have chosen. Record your personal greeting for the current active call handling mode at the tone and press #. Then select from the following options:

# - Accept

1 - Review

2 - Re-record

3 - Delete

* - Cancel

Press 2 To Choose Your Call Handling Mode

Press the following key to choose which mode you would like to set your phone to:

1 - Standard

2 - In a Meeting

3 - Out of the Office

4 - Extended Absence

5 - Custom

* - Cancel

Press 3 To Reassign Your Extension

You can assign your extension to any IP phone on campus. Press the following keys to choose your action for reassigning your extension:

1 - Assign the extension

2 - Unassign the extension (This will cause the phone to revert to the extension originally assigned to it)

3 - Assign to your extension to your last external number

(If you assign your extension to a phone that is normally occupied by another user, calls to the original user's extension will go to the forwarding destination as defined by their active Call Handling Mode.)

Press 4 To Set Your Password

Enter your new password.

Press #

Repeat your password to confirm it.

Press * if you would like to cancel.

Press 5 To Disable or Enable Envelope Information

Use this option to turn on/off the envelope information which contains the date/time of the message, caller ID and/or the recorded name of the person who left the voice mail message.

Press 6 To Record Your Name

Press # when you are finished recording your name, then choose from the following options:

# - Accept

1 - Review

2 - Re-record

3 - Delete and use default system recording

* - Cancel

Press 7 To Listen To Your Deleted Messages

As a safeguard against accidental erasures, the system retains deleted messages for a few hours. After pressing 7, voice mail will play all the deleted messages still available to the system. During playback, you can manage deleted messaged as if they were newly arrived messages.

Press 2 to restore the deleted message to a saved message.

Press 8 To Remove Deleted Messages


1 - To confirm the deletion

* - To cancel the deletion

Press 9 For Additional Options

2 - To change the e-mail delivery system

  • Press 1 to disable e-mail delivery
  • Press 2 to enable e-mail delivery
  • Press 8 to enable e-mail delivery with voice message attached
  • Press 9 to mark voice mail heard after e-mail delivery

3 - To change agent state

  • Press 1 to Log in and assign the extension
  • Press 2 to Log out
  • Press 3 to Log in without assigning the extension

5 - To change the FindMe forwarding state

By enabling FindMe, callers who are routed to your voice mail box can be instructed to press 1 and the voicemail system will call you at one of two possible number where you can be located. To set the FindMe destinations, use ShoreTel Communicator. You can also see our instruction for FindMe Forwarding for Mac  or our instructions for FindMe Forwarding for Windows.

  • Press 1 to Enable FindMe Forwarding
  • Press 2 to Disable FindMe Forwarding

* - To Return to the Previous Menu or Cancel the Current Option

Press the star (*) key to return to the previous menu or cancel the current option.


You have successfully configured your Shoretel Voicemail.

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  • Avatar
    Kathy Fuller

    Are there instructions for accessing your voice mail from off campus?


  • Avatar
    Dr. Jim Dvorak

    Kathy, dial 425-5600 and follow the prompts.  :)

  • Avatar
    Aaron Redling

    You can also access your voicemail from any other campus phone by dialing ## at the dial tone and then follow the prompts.

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