Informer: Schedule A Report

See the following video for instructions for how to create and manage schedules from report definitions.

1. Launch the report you would like to make a schedule for

1. Select the Schedules tab at the top of the page

1. Select New Schedule at the top right-hand corner

You can create multiple schedules for an individual report

1. Enter in your schedule Description

2. Provide a Date Range for the report to run

3. Enter in a Start Time

4. Define a Recurrence if you'd like

1. Enter the order date

- For example: TODAY-7 (meaning it will always execute 7 days prior to the day the schedule is ran)

- Must use Informer's date key words

2. Name exact matches is an option field that can further filter your report

You can create schedules with the sole purpose to archive that report for end-users to manipulate later

1. Choose whether you would like to Create a new archive or not

- If you choose to create an archive, you can define to run the archive if there are previous records selected

2. These archives can then be emailed to specific recipients

- Define the recipients you would like

- Define the subject of the email that will be automatically sent every time the schedule comes up with a new record

3. Select the format you would like the email to be sent via (i.e. pdf, excel spreadsheet, plain text, etc.)

You can also choose to Export the archive every time the schedule executes. Define the necessary fields as with Archive and Email.

When are you finished making all the necessary changes, click Save.

Your schedule will appear listed under Active Schedules

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