Informer: Using Report Home Page

The report Home Page allows you to:

  • Launch a Report
  • Add or Remove tags from Reports
  • Search for Reports
  • Add Favorites

For instructions for using the Reports Home Page, you can watch the video at the following link:

Your Home Page

Your Home Page

Your Home Page will show all of the reports that you have security access to view.

If you are not seeing a report that you believe you should have access to, please contact Support Central at x5555 or

Launch a Report

Launch a Report

1. Select the Report you would like opened

2. Select Launch to the right of the report name under Options.



Tags are now used in place of what used to be known as Categories. If your screen was converted over automatically (like most of the accounts for OC were), then your Categories should have transitioned into Tags for you.

1. To view only the reports you would like for that Tag, click on the name and your reports will automatically be filtered

For example: If you click Accounts Receivable, then all of your reports that are associated will show up in the main window




To add a Tag:

1. Select the reports you would like to add a Tag for

2. Select On selected reports... in the upper right hand corner

3. Select Manage tags

4. Type in the name of the tag you would like to add in the Add Tag box

5. Select Add Tag

6. Select Close

To remove a Tag:

1. Follow steps 1-3

2. Type in the name of the tag you would like removed in the Remove Tag box

- Informer should auto-fill after a few letters some options from your current list

3. Select Remove Tag

4. Select Close

Search Reports

Search Reports

This allows you to quickly filter through reports to find something specific without having to add tags or to your favorites.

1. At the top of your list of reports there is a search bar

2. Type the Name of the report you are looking for

3. Informer will update your list in real time as you type



You can select Reports as your favorite, and then be able to access them from the Filter Reports side panel

1. Click the star under Favorite next to the report you would like the shortcut for

2. You can access these favorite reports under the My Favorites link under Filter Reports.

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