Setting Up iChat to IM with ShoreTel

ShoreTel phones have the option to connect to your computer and allow instant messaging (IM). Follow the instructions below to set up iChat for these capabilities.

1. Open iChat

2. Click on iChat at the top of the screen

3. Select Preferences

4. Click the (+) Plus symbol to add a new Instant Messaging (IM) account

5. Select Jabber for the Account Type

6. Enter your OC Email Address for Account Name

7. Enter your OC Network Password

8. Select the down arrow next to Server Options

9. Enter for Server

10. Enter 5222 for Port

11. Select Done

You will now be able to add employees with ShoreTel IM access to your buddy list and begin utilizing the IM system. Click here for instructions on how to add a buddy.

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