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What should I do if there are multiple Stagehand remote controls in use in close proximity to each other and the signal of one is interfering with another?

How to Reprogram the Remote Control

How to Reprogram the Remote Control

To change the ID code and channel on the remote control, push and hold AT THE SAME 

TIME, without releasing, the following buttons for more than two seconds:

-Laser button

-Up button

-Down button

-Function button 

(Not the LED illumination light button)

The LED illumination light will flash three times to confirm the change.

Note: This procedure is purposely designed to be somewhat physically awkward so as 

to decrease the chance of unintentional reprogramming. The easiest way to push these 

four buttons simultaneously is to lay the remote control flat on a table or to hold it in 

your hands like a clarinet with the LED illumination light (not laser beam!) facing you.

IMPORTANT: After you reprogram the remote control, you must also reprogram the 

USB receiver to learn the remote control’s new ID code and channel (with or without 

erasing the old ID code and channel) or to accept all ID codes and channels, per the 

instructions below

How to Pair the Remote with the Receiver

If you are reprogramming for the purpose of avoiding conflicts, read the above section 

to first erase all ID codes and channels

1.)  With the USB receiver plugged into the powered on computer, take a narrow 

instrument, such as the uncurled end of a paperclip, and push and hold the reprogram 

button on the USB receiver until the LED indicator on the receiver (not the LED 

illumination light on the remote control) flashes two times.

2.)  Then quickly release the button within 1.5 seconds. 

3.)  Next, push the up button or down button on the remote control several times so that 

the USB receiver can receive signals from the remote control.

If the LED on the receiver flashes when you send signals, this indicates that the 

receiver has learned the new ID code and channel. It will still respond to its original 

and any previously added ID codes and channels as well (as long as you have not 

erased them per the procedure described further below).

Note: The receiver will abandon the process of adding a new ID code and channel if you 

wait more than 15 seconds to send a signal from the remote control or if you unplug 

the receiver. Also, since the receiver will not add the ID code and channel of a remote 

control it already is actively programmed to recognize, if you send a signal from your 

currently recognized remote control(s), the LED on the receiver will not accept it and 

will not flash during this 15 second reprogramming period.


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