How to reset your voicemail passcode

You will need to put in a ticket with Support Central (email or call ext. 5555) to have you voicemail box passcode reset. You will be notified with the new passcode that you should change.

After you have received your new passcode, follow the instructions below to reset your password.

Access your ShoreTel Voicemail

Access your ShoreTel Voicemail

There are two different ways to access your VoiceMail:

  • From on Campus, press the VoiceMail button on your ShoreTel Phone
  • From off campus, dial 405-425-5600 and enter your extenstion # when prompted.


Enter the default temporary password of 3456, and then press #.

Set a new password:

1. Enter the new password.

2. Press #.

3. Repeat to confirm password.

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