Create a Conference Call with 3+ People Using Conference Bridge

Most office phones at OC are set up to conference with up to 3 people.  If you need to host a conference call with more than three people, you may use OC's conference bridge.


Request Access

Before you can use the conference bridge for the first time, you need to request access by sending an email to Once have been granted access, you can continue with the steps below.


Navigate to Conference Web Site

Navigate to Conference Web Site
  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on "My Conferences."




Log in with Your OC Credentials

Log in with Your OC Credentials
  1. Enter your OC username.
  2. Enter your OC password.
  3. Click "Sign In."




Click "Add a Conference"

Click "Add a Conference"






Set Up Conference

Set Up Conference
  1. Add a "Conference Name."
  2. Choose either a "Reservation-less" conference or a "scheduled" conference
  3. Add a description for the attendees.
  4. Choose how participants will log in.  (If you are inviting off-campus guests, select "Name.")
  5. Select Access Codes.  (You can change these codes or use the default code.)
  6. Choose a style of "Participant Announcement" to notify you when someone enters or leaves the conference.
  7. Click the arrow next to "Show more options" to further personalize your conference.





Advanced Options

Advanced Options
  1. Choose when the conference will start.
  2. Choose whether you want participants to be automatically added to the conference.
  3. Choose whether or not participants can comment.
  4. Click "Submit."




Click the Envelope Labelled "Invite" to Invite Guests

Click the Envelope Labelled "Invite" to Invite Guests





Add Guests

Add Guests
  1. Add the email addresses of the people you would like to invite
  2. If desired, edit the subject or message.
  3. if you are inviting people off campus, you may want to change the call number to 405-425-1113 instead of just listing the extension.
  4. Click "Send Email."




Start the Conference.

There are two ways for participants to join the conference:

  1. Participants may call the phone number (405-425-1113) and enter the access code from the email they have received.
  2. Participants may go to the web site listed in the email they have received.




Contact Support Central

If you have any questions or experience any problems with these instructions, please contact Support Central for assistance.

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