Find the MAC Address of a Laptop

A Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique identifier attached to most forms of networking equipment. The MAC address identifies each node of a network. It is specific to the hardware on your laptop, specifically the system board.  Following is information on finding your MAC address.

Locate MAC Address in Mac OS

System Preferences

Open System Preferences

Open Network Settings

Click on Network

  1. Select Wi-Fi
  2. Click Advanced

Locate MAC Address

  1. Select the Hardware tab
  2. Find the MAC Address

Locate MAC Address in Windows 7

Open Command Prompt

In the Start Menu search bar, type cmd and hit Enter.

Run Configuration

Type ipconfig/all at the end of the command prompt and hit Enter.

Locate Physical Address

Under Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection: find the Physical Address.

This is your MAC address.

Apple Mobile Device

Open Settings

Tap the Settings gear on your device

General Settings

General Settings

Scroll down and tap General



Tap About

MAC Address

MAC address

Scroll down to WiFi Address (this is your MAC address.)


You have successfully located your MAC address.

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