Finding the MAC Address of My Laptop

What is a MAC address? Where can I find it?


A MAC address is a unique identifier attached to most forms of networking equipment. The MAC address identifies each node of a network. It is specific to the hardware on your laptop, specifically the system board. Following is information on finding your mac address, first in Windows, then in the Mac OS.

Finding the MAC Address in Windows

  • Go the Start and type 'cmd' without the quotes and hit Enter.
  • Type ipconfig/all and press Enter. Under the "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection," there should be the Physical Address.
  • The Physical Address is your MAC address. The format is xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx.

Finding the MAC Address in the Mac OS

For Mac OS X, open 'System Preferences' (usually found in the Dock) and select Network. Pick a location and specify the interface whose MAC address is desired in the 'Show' drop down list. For 'Built-in Ethernet', select the Ethernet tab. Read the MAC address labeled 'Ethernet ID:'. For wireless, select 'Airport' in the Show: dialog. Read the MAC address labeled 'Airport ID:'.

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