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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simply Syndication) is a way to keep up to date with blogs and news sites. Rather than receiving frequent emails or having to check a website periodically to see if it has been updated, RSS feeds update automatically on your computer when a site has been changed.

RSS feeds can be read in an RSS reader. Outlook for Windows and the Safari browser are both RSS readers. There are also other freely available RSS readers such as Google Reader, FeedDemon for Windows and NetNewsWire for the Mac.

The video above explains RSS feeds wonderfully.

OC is moving away from email lists and encouraging everyone to use RSS to keep up with blogs and other news sites.

To add an RSS Feed {Really Simply Syndication Feed} to Outlook:

Open Outlook 2010

 Under "Mail Folders" on the left side of your screen, right click RSS Feeds then click "Add new RSS Feed..." from the drop down box. In the new window type on one of the RSS Feeds below. After you have typed one of these click "Add".

OC RSS Feeds

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