Using your University Cell Phone Overseas (AT&T Wireless)

How do I use my AT&T Wireless cell phone while traveling internationally?


Follow are helpful instructions for using a phone on the AT&T Wireless network while traveling abroad.

Don't forget these:

Making calls

  1. Dial "+" by pressing and holding the [0] key.1
  2. Dial the country code, city code and local number. (Country codes can be found at
  3. Press the TALK or YES key.

To call phone numbers within the visited country, dialing "+" is not necessary.

1Note: "+" is a GSM standard that eliminates the need to know each country's international access code. Not all phones use the "[0]" key, please refer to your phone's manufacturer guide for details.

Checking voicemail

It's just as easy as when you do it from home:

  1. Press and hold [1].
  2. Wait until you hear your personal greeting, then interrupt it by pressing "*".
  3. Enter your voicemail password.

NOTE: In some cases, you may reach the main voicemail system greeting. If so, just enter your 10-digit wireless number, then follow steps 2 and 3.

2Some phone models will prompt for the international wireless number first.

Getting your device to register on the network if it won't.

You can attempt to re-register:

  1. Power off the device.
  2. Remove the SIM card.
  3. Power on the device.
  4. Your device should indicate SIM is required (SIM error).
  5. Power off the device.
  6. Reinsert the SIM card.
  7. Power on the device.

If you continue to have problems after attempting to re-register, please contact Customer Care.

Getting in touch with Customer Care

Just call 1 916 843-4685 for International Customer Care. There is no charge for calls to Customer Care. If your handset isn't working, a representative will return your call to the number you provide.

International Rates

You must have international roaming as a part of your phone plan to be able to make calls while traveling internationally. It can be added to most plans for a small fee per month. Long distance rates will still apply depending on the country. For the cost per minute, please see

US Calls to your phone while traveling may still be made by dialing the normal number. Roaming rates will apply to all of these calls as well.

Emergency Numbers

The 911 emergency number is unique to the U.S. In other countries the emergency number for police, fire, or ambulance is 112.

Please see the AT&T Wireless web site for more helpful information at

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