Kerberos Authentication Problem

How do I make Kerberos Authentication stop popping up?

Open Keychain Access

Open Keychain Access
  1. On the mac OS, in the top right of the menu bar, click on the magnifying glass.
  2. Then type "keychain" and click on "Keychain Access".

Destroy the Ticket

Destroy the Ticket

Once Keychain Access is open click on the words "Keychain Access" in the top left of the menu bar. Scroll down to "Ticket Viewer" option and click it.

In the new window that appears (the Ticket Viewer), select each of the Kerberos tickets (there may only be one) and delete the ticket by pressing the X.

Problem Solved?

Deleting the tickets may solve the problem. Please close Keychain access and test to see if the problem is solved. If its, congratulations! You may stop here. If not, please continue with the troubleshooting steps.

Delete the Login Keychain.

Delete the Login Keychain.

1. Open Keychain Access by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner. Type Keychain into the Spotlight box and select "Keychain Access."

2. Right-click on the Login Keychain in the left menu bar, and select "Delete Keychain Login."

3. Select "Delete References & Files."

Restart Your Computer

After re-starting your computer, the problem will be solved.

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