Retrieve Your Data Backup - Windows 7

After your computer has been re-imaged or you have received a new hard-drive, your files will be placed on the root drive of your computer. We, at Support Central, try to place this folder on your desktop for easier access. If your folder is missing, follow the directions below to find the folder with all of your files.

Open "Computer" Folder

Open "Computer" Folder
  1. Click on the Windows icon to open the Start menu.
  2. Select Computer

Open the C Drive

Click "Windows 7 (C:)" to Open the C Drive
  • Double Click Windows 7 (C:)

Find Your Folder

Find the Folder
  • There will be a folder with a date followed by your OC username - this is where all of your documents are stored.
  • For easier access, drag this folder onto your desktop. (This can take a while to complete depending on how many files you had on your computer.)


You have successfully located your data back-up.

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