How to create a password after running GradPrep

After you run our Gradprep program, the admin profiles on your computer will be switched over so you are now the administrator. One of these switches is that your password for your account will now be blank. Some software cannot be installed with a blank password.

Follow the instructions below to add a password back to your account.

1. Open System Preferences from your dock

You can also open System Preferences by going to the Apple icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen and selecting from the menu that drops down.

2. Select Users & Groups

3. Click on the lock in the bottom left-hand corner to make changes to the profile.

4. Enter your username and password.

5. Next to your login information, select Change Password.

6. If you have run GradPrep, you will leave the Old password option blank

7. Enter in a new password and then type it again to verify it

8. Select Change Password

After you have installed the software that you need, you can follow these instructions to change your password back to being blank, if you like.

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