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    Sandeepreddy Tallapu

    Hi Nice info,

    Question : After running the grad prep. Are we able to download the software which are eligible to graduates and install it in the laptop. 

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    Lisa Herndon


    You will still be able to download the software you are licensed to after running Grad Prep, but only for a limited time.  Please download the software within 30 days of your graduation to ensure you will still have access.


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    Aubin Mukama Ishimwe

    My computer was not able to run Gradprep on mac side. It has not been able to go past the second step of the run.  It says that the password is invalid or incorrect and I cannot even change my password. I have been trying this for a while. I need help.

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    Lisa Herndon

    Aubin, Thanks for the comment.  I'll contact you directly to troubleshoot this problem.

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    Fabrice Benimana

    I am facing the same problem here, the step 2 is starting with an error:
    AppleScript Error
    The administrator user name or password was incorrect.(-60007)

    on windows side every thing worked fine.

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    Nikki Crawford

    my grad prep won't get past the first step.

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    Denae Walden

    I ran gradprep on both mac and windows yesterday and did windows last. I now cannot get back to the mac side. I have turn my computer off and everything but it will not let me get back to the mac side.

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    Amanda Cooper

    Hello my computer is frozen on step 2 of grad prep please help!!

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    Sarah Cobb

    My computer has been trying to restart for over an hour on the grad prep. It seems like it's frozen. What should I do? Is this normal?

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    Jordan Ferris

    My computer is also frozen on step 2 of grad prep.

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