Graduate Software Licensing

When you graduate, the majority of the software on your computer may stay on your computer, and the licenses for this software will transfer to you. You can download a copy of each software license for a future re-install, if needed. 

Downloading Software

Downloading Software

You can download your back-up copies of the software from our downloads page, located at

Microsoft allows the University to transfer some software licenses to graduates. The Software Downloads page will list the software you have access to as a graduate. After you download the programs, please copy the software to removable media so you can re-install the software if you have any problems with your computer at a later date. As there are several large programs, it can take several hours to download all of them. To speed up this process, be on campus when you download these applications, turn off your wireless, and connect your computer to an ethernet cord.



However, some software licenses do not transfer.  

The following programs have licenses that do not transfer:

  • Sophos Anti-Virus
  • WinZip
  • WinRAR
  • LockDown Browser

OC has created a program that will remove these programs for you called Grad Prep. If you do not run the GradPrep program as instructed, you are legally liable for any copyright infringement that might occur for using unlicensed software.

The iLife software is only available in the original operating system for your laptop. If you upgrade your operating system, this software may become inoperable.  You will need to uninstall the program and purchase the software from the App Store (some components are available free of charge) if the software becomes inoperable and you wish to continue using it.   Visit our answer about iLife for Graduates for more information

The Next Step

Please follow our instructions on burning an image to a disc and burn every program you just downloaded to a disc.

As soon as you are finished downloading and burning copies of the programs, please visit our answer on running GradPrep.




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