Graduates Preparing to Leave Campus

I am graduating this semester. What needs to be done before I leave campus?

  • These instructions apply only to OC students who are scheduled to walk (or have previously walked) at a graduation ceremony.
  • Failure to complete these tasks could result in your laptop becoming inoperable. There may be a fee associated with requesting assistance from OC IT Services to complete these tasks after your graduation.
  • Run GradPrep before you leave campus to ensure Support Central can assist you if you have problems. We might not be able to resolve issues remotely and you will be required to bring (or ship at your expense) your laptop to us for support.

Instructions for Preparing Your Laptop

These 3 lessons in this forum will step you through everything you need to do for your laptop after you graduate:

  1. Graduate Software Licensing - Information on what happens to your software when you graduate.
  2. Burning an ISO or DMG image - Information on how to burn the software you legally own to a DVD, CD or Flash Drive.
  3. Running GradPrep - Information on running the GradPrep Program.



The Next Step

Please start by learning about Graduate Software Licensing.




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