iLife Updates for Graduates

Since Apple has started delivering iLife as a product from their App Store instead of a stand-alone application, we can no longer offer updates for the software to graduates.  You will be able to keep using the software for some time, so if you'd like you can ignore the update notifications. If you upgrade your operating sytem the software may become inoperable.

If you would like to stop the annoying software update pop-ups, or if your software has become inoperable you have a couple of options.

  1. You can purchase the iLife software from the App Store.
  2. You can Uninstall the Apps.

Uninstall the Apps

Uninstall the Apps

Whichever option you choose, you will need to uninstall the iLife programs before continuing.

  1. Drag the iLife programs from your Applications folder to the trash. (You will need to enter your password to allow for it to uninstall).

Purchase from the App Store

You will need to search for each program (Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, etc.) in the App Store and go through the purchasing process. This will put the licenses on your account and allow for updating.



You have successfully removed the Support Central iLife applications and installed your own.

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