What is happening to my student email address

Your email address will look a little different with the change to Google mail.

Will my email address change?

Student email addresses will be going from to

What does this mean for after I graduate?

After you graduate, you will be able to keep your for as long as you like. Your email address will not be deactivated after graduation anymore.

Will I still get email at my address?

Your email from your will automatically be forwarded to your Gmail address. You will not be able to directly access your Exchange account anymore, but you will still receive the messages from that account.

How long will I still receive email from my address?

The messages from your Exchange account ( will only be transferred to your Gmail account ( until May 31, 2013. We suggest you go ahead and transfer everything over to your Gmail account address to prevent delivery errors when your Exchange account is shut off.

Will my email and information be transferred to the Google account?

Yes! When you first log in to your Google account, your current email, contacts, and calendars will begin to migrate over into your new account. You will receive email updates throughout the process so you can monitor the status of this migration.

How much storage space will I have?

With your new Google account you will have 25GB of storage for your email. That is 250 times larger than your existing mailbox.

Is Microsoft Office going away?

No, Microsoft Office is not going away. You will still have access to all of the Microsoft Suite, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

What will happen to Email/Contacts/Calendars on my phone?

The contacts and calendar events will remain on your phone after the transition. You will, however, have to remove the Exchange account and add the Google Mail account to be able to continue to receive your email.

How long will the migration of my data take?

When you receive the email that the migration of your email, contacts, and calendar events takes place it will take around 2 hours. But, you could possibly be in the queue waiting for migration for a few days because of the amount of students transitioning all at the same time.

What will happen to my email during the migration?

You will still be able to access your old email on the Exchange server while you are in the queue for the migration tool. During the actual migration, though, your Exchange account will become disabled.

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