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    Nick Sayre

    After the "Incoming Mail Server" dialogue box, I was prompted for info on a dialogue box labeled "Outgoing Mail Server". I'm in mail 5.2 for OS X Lion (10.7.4) The "Outgoing Mail Security" dialogue box then did not show for me.

    Under "Outgoing Mail Server" I put

    Then I checked "User Authentication" and made sure my email address and password were set.

    Without this step, I couldn't have sent mail!

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    Angi Lovejoy

    What Nick describes happened to me too. But something's still not right. Erg.

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    Chelsea Kritz

    We've revised the answer to reflect an easier process to adding your account. 

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    David Jurney

    It will only find the old exchange account. What should I do?

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    You can always hold down the "option/alt" key after you put in your username and password while you click the "Continue" button to set it up manually if the automatic setup isn't working.

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