Set Up Outlook 2016 - Windows 7

These instructions tell you how to set up Outlook on your windows computer. If you do not have Outlook installed, please see our instructions on how to Install Microsoft Office.

Google Apps Sync

Navigate to in your web browser.

Download G Suite Sync

  • Click the 'Download G Suite Sync' button in the top right corner.

Select Downloaded File

  • Click on the googleappssync...exe file in the downloads bar at the bottom of your screen.

Run the Program

  • Click 'Run'

Allow Program to Install

This may take several minutes.

Sign In to Google Account

  1. Enter your OC email address
  2. Click 'Continue'

Log In to OC

  1. Enter your OC username
  2. Enter your OC password
  3. Click 'Log In'

Account Selection

  • Select the account you would like to use.

Allow Access

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Allow'.

Enter G Suite Sync Again

  • Click the G Suite Sync icon in your system tray at the bottom of your screen.

Migrate Information to Outlook

  1. You can import your information in the form of a PST File. If you do not know how to do this, please see our instructions on how to Transfer PST Files from Outlook. If you do not want to import your files, leave this box unchecked.
  2. Click 'Create profile'

Start Microsoft Outlook

  • Click 'Start Microsoft Outlook'

Verify Profile

  1. Make sure the right account is selected.
  2. Click 'OK'

Accept Agreement

Click 'Accept' to accept the terms and conditions.

Close Out of the Introduction

  • Click 'Close' in the 'What's New in Outlook'

Let G Suite Sync Finish

  1. Let G Suite Sync finish syncing your information.
  2. Click 'Close'


You have successfully set up Outlook in Windows.

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