Set Up Email Account - Android Device (Faculty/Staff)

Faculty and Staff can set up their email on a mobile device running Android operating systems.

Configuring your mobile device to access the University email system will require the installation of the Google Apps Device Policy.  The application grants our campus system administrators the ability to:

  • Require a password on your device
  • Require a screen lock for idle timeout
  • Wipe a lost or stolen device

Additionally, this application gives Android users with version 2.2+ the ability to:  

  • Reset PIN
  • Ring Device
  • Lock Device
  • Locate your device
  • Wipe your device

Android operating systems will look different on every phone. These screenshots are meant to give you a general idea of what to select, not exactly what it looks like or where it is found.

Remove Old Email

If you do not know how to remove your email account from your device, please see our instructions for how to Remove Email Account.


  • Tap 'Accounts'

Add Account

  • Tap 'Add Account'

Select Account Type

  • Tap 'Google'

Sign In

  1. Enter your OC email address
  2. Tap 'Next'

Log In to OC

  1. Enter your OC username
  2. Enter your OC password
  3. Tap 'Log In'

Allow Device Management

  • Click 'Next'

Allow Google Apps Device Policy

  • Tap 'Next'

Activate Device Administrator

Select "Allow Access".

Tap 'Activate this device administrator'

Enforce Device Administrator

Select "Enforce"

Tap 'Enforce'

Setting Passwords

If you do not already have proper security on your phone, you will be prompted to create a PIN number for your phone.


You have successfully secured your Android Device.

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