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First, the person whose mailbox you are trying to get access to needs to send you the email to give you permission.

  • If you do not know how to grant someone permission, please see our instructions for how to Allow Someone to View Your Inbox.
  • You will receive an email after the person has done this.

Find the Program

Find the Program
  1. Click on the Windows icon to reveal the start menu.
  2. Select All Programs.

Open Google Apps Sync Folder

Open the "Google Apps Sync" Folder
  • Navigate to the 'Google Apps Sync' folder and double click to open it.

Add Account for Delegation

Select "Add account for delegation"
  • Select Add Account for Delegation

Enter the Information

Enter the Information
  1. Select the email address you would like to use to access the shared inbox with.
  2. Under "Delegate Email", enter the email you want delegate access to.
  3. Click OK.


Click "OK"
  • Click Ok


  • You have successfully accessed a shared inbox using Outlook. The next time you open Outlook, the shared mailbox will appear in your Inbox.

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