Setting Up Apple Mail after initial setup in Snow Leopard 10.6.8

Set up your Gmail account, as an additional account in Apple Mail.

If you need to remove your old exchange account, follow the instructions at the following link:

In Mail:

In Mail:

1. Select Mail

2. Select Preferences

Select Accounts

Select the Plus (+) sign to add a new account

1. Enter in your Full Name

2. Enter in your Email Address

3. Enter in your Password

4. Hold down Alt as you press Continue

1. Change Account Type to IMAP

2. Enter in the description of the account

3. Change the Incoming Mail Server to

4. Enter in your full email address for the User Name

5. Enter in your Password

6. Click Continue

1. Enter in your description again

2. Enter in for the Outgoing Mail Server

3. Click Use Authentication

4. Enter your full email address for User Name

5. Enter in your Password

6. Click Continue.

1. Verify all of your account information

2. Click Create

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