Set Up Google+

Google+ is now available through your OC Gmail account. Follow the directions below to enable your account.

Go to Google+

  • Type in your web browser.

Sign In

  • Click the Sign in button in the top left corner of your screen

Log In through Google

  1. Enter your OC email address
  2. Click Next

Log In Through MyOC

If you are not already logged into your OC email account, you will be redirected to the OC Log In page to give Google+ access to your OC email account. If this page does not appear, proceed to the next step.

  1. Enter your OC username
  2. Enter your OC password
  3. Click Log In

Access Google+

  • Click Let's Go

Join Google+

  • Click Join Google+ in the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

Create Profile

  1. Enter your first name (this should be filled in for you automatically)
  2. Enter your last name (this should be filled in for you automatically)
  3. Select your gender or leave as 'Rather not say'
  4. Select your birth month
  5. Select your birth day
  6. Click Create Profile

Customize Avatar

  1. If you would like to change the icon that appears next to your name, click the blue camera icon.
  2. Click Save
  3. If you would prefer to not upload a picture, click Skip

You will still see a colored letter in the top left corner, but your profile will show the picture you uploaded.

Configure Push Notifications

  1. If you would like to receive Google+ notifications in your web browser, even when not on the Google+ page, click Turn On
  2. If you would prefer to not receive notifications, click the X in the top right-hand corner.

Customize & Navigate

  1. Takes you to the Google+ Home page
  2. Takes you to the Collections Forum. Collections are pages from other Google+ members. (Similar to following a page on Facebook)
  3. Takes you to the Communities Form. Communities are groups of Google+ members that typically share and center on one main point or topic. (Similar to being a part of a group page on Facebook)
  4. Takes you to your personal profile page. This allows you to make your own profile customizations, including pictures, about information, and more.
  5. Takes you to the People Forum. This allows you to search for other people subscribed to Google+. (Similar to looking for and finding Friends on Facebook)
  6. Takes you to the Notifications list. All of the notifications related to your Google+ account will appear here.
  7. Takes you to the main settings page. From here you can customize privacy, and other important settings.
  8. Opens a technical support dialogue box. If you experience issues with your Google+ account, you can send feedback to Google.
  9. Takes you to the Google+ knowledge base for FAQs and more useful information.


  • You have successfully created and set-up your Google+ account using your OC email address.

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